Thursday, January 14, 2010

Entertainment Tonight-The Most Nauseating Hollywood concept.

I was recently challenged by the only guy that actually reads these semi intellectual posts of mine. The challenge was to find who can come up with the most idiotic thing in Hollywood -- be it a quote, an idea, or a random happening -- and explain how it is that these people are able to continue not only living in our society, but earning substantially more money than we are while doing it. You can visit Mr. Twisted’s blog’s at, and if you happen to run across this whilst googling a person on this you can play to.

Twisted made a mistake of electing a onetime event or production to be the stupidest thing in Hollyweird. A rookie mistake despite his age. Good luck next time.
My nomination…Entertainment Tonight (ET). How is a product that is marketed to a class of people that have NOTHING in common with ANYBODY headlining ET, able to have a valuable slot right before primetime? I have watched the show a couple of times patiently waiting for NBC”s other frustratingly mind numbing but surprisingly addictive shows. I must remind you I have only one channel. From this experience I gather my argument. But if you haven’t watched it, great! I might be able to prove my point all the more easily.

Anybody remember Sara Palin? Remember her hot teenage daughter Bristol? The one who took a celibacy vow and later got porked up by a dude named Levi Johnston? Well ET spent weeks covering this lucky smuck just because he nailed the hot daughter of someone who was almost famous. I did here she got a job on Fox News after she wrote here children’s book. Good thing she quit her governorship. But I digress. This is not about the Palin debacle. It’s about the coverage of it, or more to the point-the over coverage of a boy who couldn’t resist the urge to talk smack on national television.

This is just one example of the many “exclusive breaking stories” that ET broadcasts. Do you feel nauseous that ET produced it. Don’t! Feel nauseous that there is a market for this drivel. Don’t blame ET or NBC. Blame the masses that feel like they have a need for this information. If I could make a buck selling this stupid ass blog instead of writing because of the “fun” of it, believe me I would. And you would too.

I feel angry again. So this may not be what Mr. Twisted was looking for, but this is all I got.

I like Titties.