Wednesday, October 7, 2009

NBC's "Mercy"

First of all I noticed trend in the new TV programs coming out in the last couple of years. The producers, writers, actors, or whoever has a new concept that they can now utilize. This is the, "Iraqi war vet" concept. Characters on new television series' now are Iraqi war vets.

It is interesting to note that, to my knowledge, there aren't any Afghanistan veteran characters that we may stereotype, but That's probably because the media hasn't been fucused on Afghanistan till recently. However, I digress. The trend that I noticed in the programs don't necessarily put the character in a bad light all the time, but instead makes them dysfunctional or on anti-anxiety meds (or the like) because they spent time in Iraq. Where do the people who develope the concepts get them. It just seems lazy to me.

One show in particular that I'm blasting in this blog is NBC's “Mercy.” OK, I've only seen one episode, but that was more than enough for me to deduce that the show has two writers. One with a clue and one with a lazy stereotype. The one with a clue accurately portrays a woman who (let's be honest here) rates a five maybe a six on a scale of ten. However, take the same girl and put her in Iraq, she suddenly becomes a 35. Now with all this new attention she's getting in Iraq, the once sweet and caring nurse becomes a whore and breaks her wedding vows. Good job writer because you nailed it.

The second writer, the one that gets it aaaaallllllllll wrong, needs to pay an E-1 that's been down range for 10 minutes $50 for a day to become a technical advisor. And this is why. The only episode I watched has the Mercy girl waking up from a nightmare which implies that she has some level of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). This is where I throw my bullshit flag. Or in this case bullshit panties. First of all any chick with a rating of four and over does not get put in harms way. As long as you don't look ugly, you stay in the rear. It just works out that way. Yes, women can be in the Army, and some have died. But not one that's not ugly and in a medical unit. These “free spirited” ladies deal with the guys that have actually been in harm's way. It is, I concede, likely that she saw blood. It is not likely that she has PTSD from actually seeing combat like the writer is trying to imply. It doesn't happen. End of story.

It is to you second writer that I write this blog. I thank you for fucking up. It is because of you that society will believe that women actually belong in a war. It is because of you that women will actually end up in combat. It is because of you that standards are and will continue to drop across the board and in the end cost lives. Thanks again keep up the good work.

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  1. Let me begin by saying that I would have commented sooner, but I was busy digging a foxhole out in the front yard as I am often wont to do when the ol' PTSD kicks in.

    Now that I am satisfyingly fortified, however, allow me to say this: I believe that your bullshit panties are right to be thrown up and thrown high. Let it now become your quest to see how many of these similar writers exist in Hollywood, and may your panties always cover their face.

    I have to go back to my foxhole where it is safe.